New PHP router wich is 30 to 50 times faster then Laravel router


Hello everybody! It is time to benchmark another well known router — Laravel router (to be precise — Illuminate\Routing).

Like in the previous articles we shall test static routes and routes with parameters in them.

Static routes we shall benchmark in this way:

And routes with parameters will be benchmarked like this:

Results are quite astonishing (the bigger numbers you see, the better it is)!

As you can see — Mezon router is 30 to 50 times faster than Laravel!!!

What is mezon/router?

mezon/router now is:

  • framework for routing with 100% code coverage
  • 10.0 points on
  • router is a part of the Mezon Project

Repo on

It will be great if you will contribute something to this project. Documentation, sharing the project in your social media, bug fixing, refactoring, or even submitting issue with question or feature request. Thanks anyway )

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