New benchmark: Mezon Router is up to 567 times faster than Zaphpa Router

Hi all! Today we have one more benchmark.

As usual we have two cases:

  1. http server accepts request, launches php script, which handles this request, and then all script data is removed from memory. All following requests are processed in the same way. In this case very critical to launch script as soon as possible and we do not have time for long pre-compilations and preparations. Because all of it will be lost after the script will finish working;
  2. php script is launching, initiating all internal components (and router is one of them) and then starting processing requests. This case can be organized via for example react-php. It differs from the previous case because we can spend reasonable time to pre-compile routes for faster processing.

The first case

The second case

OK What do we have?

The first case + static routes

The first case + non-static routes

The second case + static routes

The second case + non-static routes

As you can see almost in all cases Mezon Router is faster that Zaphpa router.

What’s next?

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What is mezon/router?

mezon/router now is:

  • framework for routing with 100% code coverage
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  • router is a part of the Mezon Project

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